A Time To Uproot and A Time to Build

I think it is a good idea to stop and see where we’re at. Sort of chill, look at everything around, see what has been done and see what needs to be done better. Smarter. Differently.

It means that your hands are close enough to reach down deep and pull up and outwards and removing completely. This is uncomfortable because it is hard work. But it is also uncomfortable because the work done before was also hard work. It just does not feel right to pull up something where you have invested time. Or energy. Or money.

You can avoid some pain if:

Build Something Awesome

You make it a point to build something that is so compelling that the initial uprooting groundwork always makes sense. Stop everything and pivot.

Build Something Future Proof

Build everything in light of the future which everyone knows is going to happen, no matter what.

Test and Build

Build tests that help you learn, and systematically uproot upon vetting.

Not any approach is right for every situation. Sometimes you have to uproot and sometimes you have to build towards the future. Most of the time, I think testing and building works but, sometimes, that’s just an excuse for an old model to stay old.