Got a minute?

Wanted to take a minute to think about something.

There are 525,600 minutes in one (1) year

175,200 of those minutes are literally spent sleeping.
School (55,000 minutes) or work (124,600) takes up another chunk of minutes
164,250 is the average media consumption (more hours than work or school!)
~800 = mowing a lawn that grows on its own and dies on its own, every year.

Here is the kicker: I will still have over 50K minutes leftover.

I can read a Bible 12x. Or I can binge more of X. I can read other books. I can draw. Take a holiday. As a parent, do I really think I make an impact if my kids are consuming more time with media than anything permanent? Minutes are used and gone and I’m not even valuing the leftovers.

Seems like I got more than a minute. Just need to figure out the right way to spend them.

Maybe you’ve got a minute as well.