You Have to Try

Yoda’s point puts it in black and why: there is doing, there is not doing—there is no trying. Great for a movie but that freezes people up. Especially if the stakes feel really high and currently unachievable. You either DO the big scary but awesome thing or DO NOT DO the big scary but awesome thing: there is no try.

Thing is, in the real world, you have to try. And fail. Try. And maybe fail again. Try again. And likely fail again. All those failures teach you a lesson. The worst that can happen with trying is a failing. Repeat that enough times and you learn the lesson. If failure is the worst, then anything else is a win.

Like learning to walk. You fall on your rear enough times and realize that is the absolute worst thing that can happen. You will not implode. You will not wipe out humanity. But, when you get it, you can run or jump or hide or skip or flip. Heck, you can stand and forget that the whole time you are physically correcting things so that you can keep standing.

You will not get there if you are not willing to try.

So try.